3rd day now.. So fast.. Huhu.. Having fun.. We went to Mt Baw Baw to play snow, it was so cool, spend almost a day there.. Not to forget the delicious wedges n yummy hot choc up there.. Best mkan something hot with snow surrounding u.. Later then, we went to Roza cafe(arab food) at night.. We ate grilled lamb and smoked chicken.. It's a nice food with a big.. And i mean really big portion..

Day after, we went to the city to visit Melbourne aqua, we spent around 3-4 hours there.. Was very keen to try ' walking with the shark' but its not worth it coz i hav to spend AUS150!!.. Mahalll.. I enjoy more walking around and sight seeing around melbourne city, and later we went to see kak jijah at dockland and went dinner at a seafood rest there together.. It's my first time to try "Lobster" and fresh uncooked "oyster" the lobster was good but i cant take the oyster.. Soo not into it.. Haha..

Today?? Day rest, ingat nak pi Sydney.. Flight murah about RM 300 pegi balik.. Tapi tgk laa.. Was thinkin nak explore melbourne.. Nak cycling around Elfington..

-- Dr. SyIzZ via iPod Touch


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