Back Again !!~~!!

Banyumas, 17 August 2008

At last i'm back again...been to Banyumas Hospital for 2 weeks...tak lah lama sangat tapi enjoy!! Learn lots of things..i reach banyumas at 7.30 pm WIB then went out to nearby stall to find something to eat with Tyo & Irda...then the next day a new day begin heheh..monday morning lapor kat Dr.Haidar SpPD(Internist) then dibahagi tugas..i dapat tugas jaga bangsal Cempaka for the first week and kena buat presentation kuliah on PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS(specialist in TB now..heheh)well the first week went smooth...enjoy each single second examining patient, recheck the treatment following Dr.Haidar Visit and the most important playing PS2 which me and Tyo rented from jogja...heheh...learn alot in treating TB, CHF, CKD, CH and lots more as well as sharpening my anamnesis and physical examination skills...the next week azlan came to add up another player for playing PS2..heheh...second week tak terasa...cepat a sudden dah sampai hari sabtu untuk balik jogja..heheh..and sabtu juga hari paling busy..busy packing, mintak cop, and etc...but semua worth it coz kat interna nih yang blajar cuma waktu JAGUM and Rotation kat RS BANYUMAS...


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