Me at Home !!~~!!

just uploaded old picture to this page..gambar my siblings and me waktu kecik first wanna upload mom n dad pic too but there is no pic of them when they were small takper lah...n then tadi browse thru all the pic..funny..i look so cute until the age of 12 n then i turn to an ugly GEMUK and not better dont upload lah the picture rite..haha..better picture now which is more handsome..hehe..i said so...hahah...and this internet keep on bugging me..i hate it...kejap2 disconnected..tension actually plan nak balik kampung..tapi suddenly dad got some big job to we postpone everythin lah..mybe next week baru balik lah...tapi itu pon tak sure coz me n my boys gotta clean the house and etc..lots of work to do before raya beb..hahah...yeah...RAYA KAT MALAYSIA BEB!!!!! better than RAYA KAT BANYUMAS!!!!! i hate that..just imagine last raya i have to be at the hospital about 4 hours away from jogjakarta...that is so MENYENGALKAN...spending my raya with lots of pediatric usual lah..when raya comes the most common disease is BERAK CAIR(diarrhea)...untung lah this year dapat gak i raya kat MALAYSIA..heheh...MALAYSIA MY HEAVENLY bukak pose tak tau kat mana..maybe at home or maybe kat luar...dah pujuk dad nak makan hotel tapi belum tau coz dad busy..ada project besar..insyaallah...this week my brother ALIPBONCIT tak balik...aparaa..duduk kat matrik melaka dekat tapi taknak balik sebab penat..memang penat pon sebenarnya coz he got classes until saturday..well takpe lah for his own good..dok sana boleh blajar..dok umah kena kacau dgn abang n adik2 dier lagi tak bleh blajar...but to me i dont care...when i'm home...everybody needs to be at home too...if my sister and brother in law baca nih...U BOTH NEED TO BE HERE AT HOME T OOOO!!!!!!if not siaplah...i siat2 u both..hahahah...penatnya menaip...cow cin cau.. :)


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