Everything is Limited Here !!~~!!

Hummm...it's 11.00 pm now..still awake finishing presentation for plan of action..today quite tiring..woke up at 4.30 am pray and take my shower..huft..so cold but have tooooo...at 5.30 am my journey to paliyan continue..hehe..reach paliyan at 7.00 am and the best thing is that breakfast is ready..hehe.. i ate urap sayur, tempe, and tahu for breakfast..after breakfast i went to the puskesmas as usual..urm..today tak banyak pon patient..but there's one patient yang make me spend 1 and a half hour to suture his wound (7 cm long and 0.8 cm deep..) humm..really challange coz here at the puskesmas the equiptment and stock for gauze and etc is limited..this is the first time i have to perform minor surgery with "unsterile" glove, hecting set and cloth...plus limited betadine, gauze, alcohol, and WATER !!!!!..well that's the beauty here...when u are in a condition where something is impossible u need skill and many of judgement to settle everything..at last semuanya complete and settle...sampai sakit pinggang berdiri jahit luka...balik rumah not much yang dibuat..just having a rest and after maghrib we all buat jagung bakar..hehe..after that i did my job finishing this presentation...urm..so mengantuk!!! enough for today..bubbye.....


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