Home Visit !!~!!

Today we all plan to have our home visit done..so that it will not bother us for the rest of week..morning as usual we went to the Puskesmas...at 12.00 pm we went back and hav our lunch..after zuhur it's home visit time!!!! heheh..First visit..first impression for the house?hummm...no word can tell..it's so dirty and "usang"..it's hard to find in Malaysia...way better tempat tinggal kat rumah pak dukuh...this one lebih kotor and berdebu...but the household were so friendly and give us a warm welcome...they serve us tea and rempeyek..supprisingly, we tought there's only one family member yang sakit..ternyata ada TIGA!!!!..vertigo, hipertension and osteoarthritis...we checked the patients and then it's time to go for the next house...rumah kedua nih ada patient with Diabetes Mellitus..urm..senang cakap orang sini layanan terhadap we all memang superb..datang nak follow up patient kat rumah..tapi balik dapat buah sukun, kangkung and etc....best pulak dok kampung..malamnya we goreng sukun and i buat sambal malaysia..hahah...makan-makan and amik gambar (photo will be uploaded later) and the tidurr ZzZzZzzzz.....


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