Thursday, 9 October 2008

Fresh!!Last night was a great nite...I hav a great sleep..walaupun tidur kat sofa jer...wake up at 4.45 am n rushed to the mosque for Subuh prayer..After subuh did some data transfer from book to computer..still much more to's thursday today..can't wait for saturday coz we can go breakfast was yesterday vegetables plus fried chicken and tempe again!! At 8.00 am as usual berangkat to puskesmas..Today I jaga counseling clinic..banyak gak patient..after office hours (8-11 am) balik n pi office kelurahan nak collect data..sampai rumah semayang and lunch (nasi, tempe, bayam, tahu, sambal, and sayur tempe)..after lunch buat data entry lagi..macam biasa before asar nap jap..lepas smyg asar entry data lagi..break maghrib jap n mandi..then makan ice campur..then entry data lagi...hehe...penat...kol 10 tido lagi..hahax


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