At Last !!~~!!

Akhirnya selesai juga K3M..6 weeks with great memories..When i reach Paliyan the first think on my mind is that i'm gonna spend 6 weeks doing nothing except working at puskesmas and i'll be having problem with water n etc..heheh weired rite..hehe..first week there was quite enjoyin' and so was the rest of it..the first two weeks only 5 of us there at pak untung house..later KKN group from Atma Jaya University came and this is where all the fun begin..we hav a great time together playin cards, to the beach (Siung, Baron, Wedi Ombo..), to the caves (Surulanang and etc..) and much more..almost 20 gig memory of photos and videos !!! heheh..all this memory will remain and thanks to Pak Untung, BU Endang, Omah, Opah, Bu Sri & Husband, Staff of Puskesmas Paliyan (Pak Dwi, Pak Lugito, Mb Sita, Mb Kecik, Mb Yani, Pak Rehobot and etc..), My Group Members (Pak Wayan, Wulan, Rani, Bu Yuli), KKN UAJY Mengger ( Jeff, Luki, Bram, Aswin, Lisa, Reti, Riris), KKN UAJY Surulanang ( Sinta, Maya, Ade, Rico, Adrian, Livia, Ingrid), other KKN UAJY members, and all "warga" Paliyan...i miss u all..thanks again for all the great memories and the warmness given to us.may Allah bless us all...


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