Ghost !!

Do you believe that ghost exist? Me? Humm 50%..I believe that there's "Jin" & "Syaitan".. But ghost? What is exactly a ghost? Ahh, not important.. Here I just wanna share my experience.. Since I've started my clinical rotation I've never experience what I felt last Tuesday.. Kinda spooky.. I came late for night shift.. Supposedly Co-assistance have to come for night shift at 14.00 but last tuesday I came at 15.30 coz it's raining hard.. At first everythin seems normal.. Until 18.00 Mb.Aas & Razif went for praying & I waited at the conference room to watch for the laptop, bags and etc.. While waiting for my turn I did my assignment and that's when everthin goes wrong.. In a sudden I felt somebody is standing next to me but there's no one in the room execpt me.. Because of that I left the room and stay outside until Mb.Aas & Razif came.. After praying, we stayed in the room watching "Big Momma House".. While watching, suddenly I felt that someone was standing beside me.. And Mb.Aas told me that she saw something standing next to me.. Women, white shirt, one eye poped out, long hair and ugly.. Hum thank god I can't see that.. Afraid?yup a little bit, but i just ignore that at 9.00 pm we quickly pack out our stuff and went back home.. Spooky night!!


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