It's My Life !!

Why I choose to be a doctor? Since I was small my ambition is to be a doctor.. Why? I don't know.. My mum once told me that I used to act to be a doctor with my sister (a doctor too).. My sister love medicine so much.. She's a bright student always pass her exam with flying colors.. Not like me, just a regular person.. I've been struggling so much to get here.. People always ask me "why do u want to be a doctor?" Is it for money? Maybe I'm just a follower following my sister's dream and determination to be a doctor.. Or maybe not.. There's one time I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer but I guess it dosen't suit me.. People tell me that I look like a doctor, the way I dress, talk and walk just like a doctor.. Before, I never taught that i'll be a doctor, with many up and down I pray and pray and pray and ask for blessing from Allah and my parents as well as my sister until now one used to a dream becomes reality.. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to Allah and everyone that supports me..


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