Making a Good Anamnesis !!

Anamnesis is a vital part other than physical examination in patient encounter.. 80% of diagnosis comes from anamnesis.. Almost every doctor has to master this field.. By anamnesis itself, doctor can get lots of information from identity, chief complaint untill the history of illness and many more.. In order to make a good anamnesis one should create a good relationship with patient, be a good listener (doctor is a good listener..hehe), shows empathy, and never prejudge.. To master this skill one must practice a lot.. Below is a framework for guidance to a good anamnesis..

1. Greetings and patient identity

2. Chief complaint

    • Current complaint / illness

3. History of present illness

    • Description on chief complaint (onset, duration, frequency, etc)
    • Description on the system affected
    • Description on other systems affected
    • Additional infirmation, patient problems, etc

4. History of previous illness

5. History of family illness related

6. Lifestyle and diet

7. Other systemic anamnesis


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