Monday, 24 November 2008

It's Monday and people often say that Monday is a lazy day but not for me.. Monday is a busy day.. Haha.. Today me, mb.aas, razif went to Wonosari hospital.. We'll be there until Wednesday.. Wonosari is about 40 km from jogja (an hour drive bcoz it's situated high above sea level..) we reached the hospital at 8.15 am.. Bit late coz we're supposed to be there at 8.00 but it's ok.. Hehe.. As usual we did what Co-assistance should do.. The ENT specialist was so nice.. We feel at home there.. At 11.30 am it's time to go home.. But before that we ate Pempek Palembang at a nearby place.. It's a nice food.. Taste like keropok lekor.. On the way back we were caught in the rain.. All wet.. Yeah bit tiring but have too.. Just need rest now.. Ciayo sYIzZ !!!


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