Karaoke Again !!

Makan Durian
(Hafiz, Me, Sufian, Azili, Mariam, Naim)
Kenyang and Ngantuk
(Nas, Sufian, Hafiz, Mariam, Naim, Me)
We Rock
(Me, Nas, Hafiz)
(Azili, Me, Nas, Yanto, Mariam, Hafiz)

Last night 23 December, Me, Sufian, Nas, Hafiz, Naim, Azili & Mariam went to NAV Family Karaoke celebrating our last day together with Naim (going back to Malaysia today).. As usual we sang latest Indonesian songs, Malaysian songs and this time we also sang some oldies songs (Endless Love, My Love, Can You Feel The Love Tonight).. After karaoke, we went to Jalan Magelang because Naim want to eat some Durian.. We ate and chat there for about 1 hour before me, Nas and Hafiz went to Mc Donalds.. At first I didn't want to eat but at last I ordered Mc Nuggets with fries.. Hehe.. Check out the videos above.. Broken voices.. Haha..


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