Sunday, 21 December 2008 !!

Kinda bored today and didn't have any idea to write for this blog but I have too.. So here's a bit of what I did today.. This morning I woke up at 8.00 am.. But stayed on bed until nearly 10.30 am.. Did nothing just sms with "Y**".. Bout 11.30 am, went to the internet café, chatting with mama and papa for about 1 hour discussing my graduation plan and many more.. I'll be graduating this February but still not sure yet when is the exact date.. After Zuhur I went to an "Es Buah" stall near my kost to buy some fruit punch (Es Buah lahh...) there an ibu came to me and told that her 10 years old daughter caught a fever with many red dot on her body.. I did some anamnesis and suspected Dengue Hemmorragic Fever.. I quickly rushed back to get my equipment (stethoscope, tensimeter and etc) and went to check the girl.. Everything were fine, there's no sign of bleeding nor shock.. I explained to the mother about the condition of her daughter and told her that she need to bring her daughter to the hospital if there's an alarm sign (excessive fatigue, bleeding, etc).. Done with that, went back and ate my "Es Buah" while chatting with Nas and Hafiz.. We chat for about an hour.. And what I did now? Haha.. As usual watching the tv alone in my room while sending and replying sms to "Y**" (u know who u are :p..)


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