Tuesday, 24 December 2008 !!

Alhamdulillah I pass my Dermatology examination .. The result just came out this morning.. Quite busy today.. After breakfast me and Razif went to Internal Medicine Department to collect our report book but Dr. Ibnu hasn't sign it yet.. So we went to ENT Department and there we met with the other half of my group members (Mb.Rani, Irda, Wulan, Bulan, Veve, Tyo, Mas Wisnu, Goklash, Franky, Hafiz, Ifah, Fenny, Ika) First thing they noticed about me is my "Scar" asking what happened and my answer ?? "dicakar dan dicium cewek" Haha.. Actually I got that scar yesterday while I was shaving but I didn't noticed it at all.. The first person who noticed the scar were Razif and Azlan.. Oya.. Yesterday I got a big headache and nearly fainted.. But I'm okay now.. Don't know why but it happened in a sudden.. Back to the story for today.. Hehe.. After collecting students card and money (need this for the "Bebas Perpus" letter) from them, I then went to UGM Library with Razif to apply for Bebas Perpus" letter.. Then after Zuhur I went to DIY Library for the same purpose but it's closed (working hours 8.00-14.00 WIB) so tomorrow I must be there before 8.00 because at 9.00 I need to be at the Internal Medicine Department.. Reached kost at 14.20 and now just resting and watching TV..


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