Wednesday, 17 December 2008 !!

Another 3 days I’ll be finishing my clinical rotation here in Dr.Sardjito Hospital, Gadjah Mada University.. I can’t believe that I’m going to be a doctor soon.. My childhood ambition comes true.. Thank You Allah!! After 5 years of struggling at last I’m here.. Am I ready to face the real world as a doctor? Dr. Mohd Syis bin Zulkipli.. The title DR puts big responsibility on me.. Responsibility to my religion, my family, my relatives, and my country.. Once again am I ready to face all this?? Insyallah I’ll try my best to hold this responsibility and serve people as good as I can.. When I look back to the past there are memories that I can’t hardly forget.. 5 years of togetherness with all my classmates especially my gang and housemates (Nas, Hafiz, Zafran, Ashraff, Sufian, Azili, Iqbal, Naim, Azlan, Hadzly, and Haliff) and not to forget all my clinical rotation groupmates (Nopx, Suresh, Rena, Mas Syuk, Mb Aas, Buleun, Veve, Irda, Huda, Dody, Op, Indah, Ifah, Mas Wisnu, Tyo, Hafiz, Wulan, Rani, Razif, Franky, Goklash, Muti, Fenny, Manju, Azlan, and Ika).. You guys gave me such a great time and I appreciate our friendship.. I’m sorry if I ever did wrong and may Allah give us the best in our life as well as safety and happiness.. It’s really hard.. I hope that the bond created between us like brothers and sisters will remains forever.. Arghh… Aku merindukan semua ini.. Actually I want to tell more on how I feel but I can’t find the right word to describe how I feel right now..


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