New Year BBQ !!

It's new year guys.. Happy New Year to all.. May this year will be a great year for all of us.. Last night we celebrated New Year with BBQ at Haliff place.. The last time we did BBQ was 3 years back.. We started to lit up the charcoal at 9.00 pm.. Kinda funny because it took us for about 20 minutes to start the fire.. Haha.. Starting with me burning papers then Iqbal with gas and Sufian with rubber belt.. Haha.. We started the BBQ with sweet corn followed by tenderloin steak.. While waiting for the steak, me and the boys ate "kerang rebus" which i've prepared before together with Nachos.. After an hour of waiting, the food is done.. Me, Razif and Azlan ate our portion quickly because we still have another place to go which was our clinical group BBQ.. There we ate chicken, sweet corn, and toasted bread while waiting for 2009.. At 12.00 am sharp, there were many fireworks and sound of trumpet blown by crowds on the roads.. Hehe.. My first new year (before this we just stay at home watching tv) hehe..


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