25 Feb 2009 !!

Last Wednesday I and Sufian went to Kuala Lumpur for interview. We reached KL at 14.30 and headed straight to the hotel (TUNE HOTEL), checked in, change and went out again.. We went to car dealer to fill up our time all just because we don’t know where to go.. Hehe.. At about 17.00, we went to Ampang (with Hafiz’s dad and mom guide for the way) to meet Iqbal.. We lepak at mamak stall having a chat and some drinks.. Then we went to Iqbal’s sister house to pray(maghrib and isya’ jama’) while waiting for G-Fad(old friend from MRSM Kuantan) to fetch me up.. Near 8.30 pm G-Fad called.. We met at a bus stop near Ampang Hospital and headed to The Curve.. At The Curve, I met the other guys (Syamil, Huzmin, Hirzi and etc) chatting and remembering old days before going to the cinema for Upin & Ipin Midnight Show.. I and Sufian reached the hotel at about 2.00 am (all because after watching the movie we went to find out the place for the interview tomorrow and sesat cari jalan balik on the way back..haha..) The next morning, we wake up at 6.00 am and getting ready for the interview which will be on 8.00 am at SPA interview center, Jalan Cenderasari.. We checked out and reached the interview center at 7.30 am and waited there until the interview started.. The interview was ok.. Met some students from other university too.. We stayed there until 11.00 am and headed back to Melaka..


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