Day 1 !!!

Blurry Blurry at Frankston Beach ( Soooo Cold)
Frankston Hospital (Insyaallah I'll be here in less than 2 years time)
Theives??? I dare u...
Blurry Blurry Again......
Me, Farah and Mama at Frankston Shopping Center
Maple Treee..
The Little Princess..
Dr. Syizz @ Dandenong Hospital
At Parkmore (It's cold outside.. trust me)
My sis house at Noble Park with my bro in law
Shawerma ??? What's that?? It's a 12 inch lamb kebab with a3 inch diameter... Bigggggg!!!!!
Justify Full
Woke up today at 11.00 am.. What a waste.. Tapi it's ok laa coz I was so penat yesterday.. So after Zuhur we went to Parkmore Shopping Center for shopping.. Heheh.. Buy some CHOCOLATE, SHIRTS and ETC.. Then lunch at Nando's and shopping again.. Hahah.. I'm crazy with this place now... It's soooo cheap and the place was sooooo nice and cold (yeah bcoz it's winter) Huahaha... Then we went back for Maghrib prayer.. After Maghrib we went to Dandenong Hospital to visit Saffiya.. She was soooooooo cute and sweet... Anak sedara pertama beb.. At about 9pm we went for dinner at Kasturi Restaurant at Frankston before we want to the beach.. Even at night the beach was so night and extremely cold !!!!! and that's it for today.. short day.. Tomorrow I'll be going to Philip Island and shopping again and again.. Haha.. Here some pic of today activity.....


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