As per title, did some DIY to my e60 headlamp last weekend.. Read bout turtle wax in bmw forum and from the post the result is amazing.. So i went to AEON Jusco and bought a Turtle Wax Headlight Restorer which cost me RM 89.90 (in WALMART US only USD 9.99).. Included in the box is the lens clarifying compound, sand paper (4 level), and a lubricant..

Here's a pic of my headlamp before restoration

Right lamp before

Left lamp before

So, first step is mandi time for both the head lamp, dry with cotton cloth and apply masking tape to protect the paint.. next take the lubicant and sand pad No1 and sand in left right manner until u feel smooth, keep on spraying the lubricant.. After u r satisfied, change to second pad and sand in the way of up and down for at least 1 minute.. Next proceed to 3rd pad and again in left right manner before changing to 4th pad... After completion, wash again with soap, dry with cotton cloth and apply the lens clarifying compund.. U have to apply few times and rub it until u can see the changes.. and lastly u have to apply the seal which is also include in the pack.. Here is the end product....

Right lamp after

Left lamp after

Need to say anymore? i guess not.. I'm really satisfied with the end result.. Try on guys..


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