Krabi - Hotel Review, Centara Anda Dhevi Resort and Spa, Aonang.

Ok, as per topic, this post mainly nak focus on hotel sahaja.. Stayed at CENTARA ANDA DHEVI RESORT & SPA for the whole 5 days 4 night..

Booked thru AirAsiaGo sekali dengan tiket.. Roughly around RM200/night without breakfast.. To me tak penting breakfast tu sebab if ada pon it won't make any difference sebab non-halal.. After booking i emailed hotel to confirm room.. Booked for deluxe room.. In less then 2 hours dah dapat reply form hotel.. 1st impression? Very good.. Before pegi krabi tu ada la tengok TripAdvisor untuk tengok gambar bilik.. And berpuas hati.. 

So sampai je hotel dah disambut oleh receptionist with 2 glasses of grape drink and cold towel for refreshing.. Check-in procedure was fast.. Less than 10 min dah settle.. Sebab hotel dah prepaid thru AirAsia.. No deposit was taken but only credit card je diorang photostat (consider macam guarantee laa..).. Selesai check-in trus kitorang dibawa oleh the same receptionist to our room which was on the second floor (Room 4205).. Bags sume as usual tinggal kat lobby.. Tunggu bellboy bawak naik.. 

Masuk je room.. WOW!! Tekejut mak nyaaa.. 

Gambar bilik

Gambar decoration

Special welcome note..

Room was decorated for honeymoon.. Siap ada card from hotel.. Tak sempat nak enjoy bilik mamat receptionist tu dah panggil.. Dia explain all the function and also almost everything yang ada kat dalam bilik tu such as what, where and how to use it and whatsoever.. Never get this kind of service kat hotel 5 star Malaysia.. After sesi orientasi tu.. Receptionist tu pon kluar and after few min, bellboy datang hantar beg.. And about 15 min camtu dapat call from reception tanya how was the room, services and tanya if we need to change other room kalau tak puas hati.. Mau ak puas hati? Layanan 1st class..

Overall, here is my review (based on TripAdvisor scoring)..

TripAdvisor review...


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